SunPower 21.5% Efficient Panels Could Reduce Other Costs by 30%


SunPower has announced a new series of solar panels with 21.5% efficiency, about 44% more than the 15% efficient panels typically installed. While this does not mean choosing SunPower will get you cheaper electricity per kWh (it is a free marketplace after all), it does have some interesting knock on effects.

If your panels produce 44% more kWh than current standard installations, to get the same amount of kWh you need 30% fewer panels. For installers, this means costs associated with panel installation like labor and racking should also be 30% lower. This is a significant cost reduction and points out how increased panel efficiency will drive down installation costs.

via SunPower Launches X-Series Family of Solar Panels with World-Record Efficiencies of 21.5 Percent.


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