Denmark bans new installations of fossil-fired heating


Although Denmark announced its ban on installations of new fossil fuel heating systems last year, it was not widely available in English until now. The Danes’ renewable goals (100% renewable by 2050) far exceed those of Germany (80% renewable by 2050). Apparently, the oil crisis in the 1970′s caused Denmark to begin aggressive build-out of district heating systems and of a natural gas network to use the newly abundant supply from the North Sea.

Now the North Sea gas is expected to run out in a decade, requiring the Danes to rely on Russian supplies. In response, they are accelerating district heating and sourcing the heat from renewable supplies. They have banned oil and natural gas heating systems in new buildings and in 2016 installation of oil-fired heating systems will be banned in existing buildings if gas or district heating is available.

Denmark shows a level of commitment to addressing climate change and energy security far beyond most countries.

via Denmark partly bans fossil-fired heaters – 100% renewable – Renewables International.


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