You understand that technological change is creating extreme cross currents in the energy industry. Navigating these cross currents causes problems and uncertainty for customers, generators, utilities, and retailers.  At the same time, day today operating pressures may not allow you to focus on strategic development as much as you fell you should.

You need a reasonably short strategic plan so it can be internalized by your key managers and easily updated.  Despite that, it has to list a range of possible outcomes and your high level planned responses to each outcome.  For the electric industry, whether you are a customer or a direct participant, some of the most pertinent questions include:

  • Will electric vehicles and smart grid enhance the value of the grid and justify additional investment in transmission, distribution, and central station generation?
  • Will localized micro generation (solar, fuel cells) and relatively cheap batteries eliminate the need for the grid by many customers, stranding utility and private investments? If so, when?
  • If I am a customer, private generator, or utility, what is my best strategic plan and how can I keep it relevant and up to date?

Exas Consulting will help you understand the changing technological landscape, develop options, and select a strategy. We will help you implement the strategy at your chosen level of granularity to ensure it meets your needs at the given point in time. You want to be prepared for change and Exas Consulting will get you there.

Please contact us to see how we might help you with your strategy.