Welcome to Exas Consulting!

Exas Consulting helps you solve strategic and operational issues and problems.  You have many concerns in effectively doing your job. You want a good strategy so you are successful; you do not want to be unaware of market changes that decimate your sales. You want your new implementations to work and work well, not to require explanations for why things are late, or cost more, or do not provide the desired capabilities.

We specialize in working with you to develop clear, concise, realistic options for your strategy or operations. We work hard not to let perfection be the enemy of good enough for the given context, because if the strategy or implementation is not completed, it is worthless. And once you select an option, we will roll up our sleeves as your partner to make sure it is done right within the time frame and budget.

With regard to strategy, we focus on the retail and utility sectors of the electric and natural gas industries. Our experience in identifying future impacts on your business and helping you plan for them ensures you are prepared for coming change. There are huge technological forces that are upending current patterns of profitability and costs.  What worked in the past is unlikely to work in the future, so you need a plan.

At Exas Consulting, we love operations, too! So many times good and great ideas founder on the rocks of poor implementation. Most often this is because we ask our skilled operations people to be stretched too thin and be responsible for building something new while still making sure everything else continues to work.  We find that focused, proper business support for new operational implementations is the key to success, and that most businesses are not staffed to provide it from internal resources.

Whether it is strategy or operations, Exas Consulting will work with you to identify the source of your most important problems.  We draw on our knowledge and experience to provide you clear, actionable choices, and we help you implement your choice in a time and cost efficient way.

We are certain you will be pleased with our capabilities.  Please contact us for more information!